Ode To My One-year Old Son


My son Muhammad turned one a few days back and I feel obligated to write a poem for him too, mainly because I wrote one for his sister when she turned one; I don’t want my children to fight over who I love most when they grow up and browse through the posts on this blog. So here’s to you and to your brave journey, my little man!

Ode to my one-year old son

Pacing down the hospital corridors
Waiting for you to arrive
I couldn’t have thought that you, my child
Would barely be able to survive

Seeing your heart stop that day
With not a shred of hope
A piece of me would have gone with you
How’d I be able to cope?

Your mom and I just stood in awe
A silent prayer on our lips
Watching the doctors fighting hard
To pull you out of the eclipse

God heard us and here you are
As innocent as can be
Mornings filled with laughter and joy
Our evenings full of glee

Words can’t express the joy I feel
When you crawl up to my side
And for actions taken for granted by most
I thank God, so glorious and wise 

You’ll want to borrow my clothes one day
Have an eye on my watches and ties
I’d gladly share those things with you
If you promise to finish your pie

I look forward to your rebellious youth
And the day you demand a car
No matter how bad things may seem
You’ll always be my star

There’ll be days when we don’t see eye-to-eye
I may not seem to understand
I’d want you to put yourself in my shoes
And do the best you can

God’s given you the gift of life once more
Make sure to make it worthwhile
Fight hard for peace around the globe
And light it with your smile

– Yousuf Bawany

p.s. I love you, Muhammad, as much as I love your sister.


7 thoughts on “Ode To My One-year Old Son

      • Well, it’s still his birth month. haha 🙂 During my son’s first year, we’ve been celebrating and cooked special food with cake in each month like it was his birthday until he reached 1 yr old. Now, since it’s gotta be more expensive to be spending for his monthsary, I treat each day like his birthday even in our own little ways. 🙂

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