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Words of Wisdom: Mysteries of the Female Mind

Time flies by so fast: one moment you have this little angel in your arms, barely able to help herself, and the next you’re sneaking up on her while she’s standing at her mom’s dresser trying out the latest lipstick shades. These words of wisdom came to me while I was watching my almost-three-year-old daughter unsuccessfully try on some lipstick and smearing it all over her cheeks.

What is it with females? They can’t wait to grow older when they’re young and get younger when they are old.

Words of Wisdom: Obesity Rocks

I’m not obese; I just wear a fat-suit to hide all my awesomeness!

About Obesity and Strange Odors

Whenever there’s a strange smell in the room, why does everyone automatically assume it’s the fat guy?

Ramadan In Tweets

I never was much of a Tweeter but something changed exactly a month back. A Twitter-friend suggested I should Tweet more often so I got my Tweet-on this Ramadan. 140-character limit doesn’t quite cut it for me as I am someone who likes large sentences and elaborate descriptions, so I took this up as a challenge. Sometimes, fewer words make a bigger impact and to demonstrate my Tweet-ability, I present to you my tweets for the last month.

  • 21 Jul – #RamadanRoadRage is in full swing; let’s see how many street fighters I can spot on my way back home.
  • 21 Jul – #BestThingsAboutRamadan – my Non-muslim friends observing fasts just to experience what Muslims go through.
  • 3 Aug – #RamadanFacts: Kissing your daughter doesn’t break your fast, no matter how sweet her cheeks may taste! #Love
  • 3 Aug – #LetYourDaughter ask as many questions as she wants and answer her every time she asks them; it won’t be long before she discovers Google!
  • 5 Aug – #NoteToSelf: Never share hilarious husband-wife #jokes with your#wife esp. if it’s the wife who ends up being the #butt! :p
  • 5 Aug – Who says little #girls aren’t naughty? Damn you, #GenderEquality /#WomensLiberation! 😀
  • 7 Aug – #DonatingBlood for all the wrong reasons; “Are we done, ’cause I could really use a juice box right about now.”
  • 7 Aug – #Twitter = Tutta! My 17-month old #daughter‘s foray into this high-tech world.
  • 8 Aug – #14August is just around the corner; time to renew our patriotic vows and forget them for the rest of the year. #PakistanZindabad
  • 8 Aug – #Ramadan is not just about giving up food and drink for a prescribed amount of time; it’s about moderation, preservation and self-control.
  • 9 Aug – #BeingMarried means having to ALWAYS pickup groceries on the way from the office; no excuses. Just make a weekly list or something, woman!
  • 9 Aug – #PakistanHas the best cuisine in the world. You should give it a try sometime! Get your juices flowing at http://bit.ly/wZMFy3 
  • 10 Aug – My 17-month old daughter’s brushing my hair; how adorable is that?! 🙂 #parenting #love
  • 11 Aug – Why’s it so easy to take photos but difficult to delete them? Guess I just get emotionally attached to them, not to forget the memories.
  • 11 Aug – Sab se pehlay #Pakistan; unless keh aap ki US, Canadian ya Australian immigration ho jaye. 😉
  • 12 Aug – The #camera is an extension of a #photographer‘s being; you just can’t feel complete without it.
  • 13 Aug – Waiting for the final casualty count in Karachi aerial firing; Happy Independence Day folks! #PakistanZindabad
  • 14 Aug – #Karachi: a city with amazing photo opportunities; if only I were brave enough to take my Nikon D7000 without the fear of getting mugged!
  • 15 Aug – Wife’s phone ringing in the bedroom; 1.5 yr old daughter brings it to her in the kitchen and says, ‘Mama – Hello – Papa’. #love #kids
  • 16 Aug – Out of sight, out of mind; unless someone regularly pokes you on#Facebook!
  • 16 Aug – #RamadanFacts: You know Eid is upon us when you spot dads waiting outside stores with their bratty kids while moms shop away their savings.
  • #RamadanFacts: Pakistanis still hope to have 29 rozas even after Saudi has declared they’ll have 30. Insha Allah!

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