Islamic Architecture: A Photo Montage

Lahore – The Culture Capital of Pakistan

On my recent business trip to Lahore, I managed to get some time out for sightseeing. Here are some highlights; I hope you enjoy them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

This week’s challenge is an homage to all the things that make me happy. Even though some of these moments exist in the past, remembering them never cease to put a smile on my face. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

History Repeats Itself

This absolutely stunning piece of architecture lies in Thatta, a small town located near Karachi, Pakistan. For me, catching a glimpse of this corridor, echoing with the footsteps of people past, is this week’s theme personified. Hope you enjoy it!


Blast From The Past – Shah Shams Tabrez, Multan

Shah Shams Tabrez is one of the thousands of saints buried in Multan, Pakistan. There are quite a few legends and/or miracles associated with him, the most popular being him requesting the sun to come down and roast a raw fish he held in his palms. To this day, many natives relate the insanely temperate summers in Multan with this legend, but only God knows better.

His shrine was built around 1330 AD by his grandson and renovated around 1710 AD. Keeping in tradition with the exquisite Islamic architecture prevalent in that era, his shrine has a very distinct style. The use of color glazed tiles all over the dome and the exterior is note-worthy and awe-inspiring. Unfortunately when I went there though, the inside of the mausoleum was under construction and I couldn’t take any shots of the interior. Here are some photos I did manage to take and I hope you like them.