Blast From The Past – Shah Shams Tabrez, Multan

Shah Shams Tabrez is one of the thousands of saints buried in Multan, Pakistan. There are quite a few legends and/or miracles associated with him, the most popular being him requesting the sun to come down and roast a raw fish he held in his palms. To this day, many natives relate the insanely temperate summers in Multan with this legend, but only God knows better.

His shrine was built around 1330 AD by his grandson and renovated around 1710 AD. Keeping in tradition with the exquisite Islamic architecture prevalent in that era, his shrine has a very distinct style. The use of color glazed tiles all over the dome and the exterior is note-worthy and awe-inspiring. Unfortunately when I went there though, the inside of the mausoleum was under construction and I couldn’t take any shots of the interior. Here are some photos I did manage to take and I hope you like them.


14 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Shah Shams Tabrez, Multan

  1. is there any picture of shah shams?
    and any book upon his life ?
    and his relatives any where?
    and any one knows about ( aanal haq )

    • Salamunalaikum. Look for other web sites n u will see his hand drawn picture based on the vision of the artist who read about his features and visualized. There r books on his biography in urdu and in English there r articles. His clan is known as Shamsi Sadaat and there are millions scattered in the world. Ana al Haq was slogan out-cried by a saint Mansoor.

  2. you people just imagine the beauty of shrine but not the light of the true saint like hazrat shah shams great great great

  3. aslamualikum all to whos like to beloved persons of Allah i visted at my childhood i have wish to now viset that holly place of Shah Shams.plz pray for me

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