Early morning, fresh dew, and plenty of flowers – need I say more? Enjoy these macro beauties!


Floral Fantasy


So Into You


Flowers are something that have always fascinated me; macro photography opens up a way to explore this passion on an entirely new level. From the intricate patterns ingrained within to the vein-like tributaries on the petals, everything is mesmerizing; you finally get to appreciate what your high-school biology (botany) teacher tried so hard to get into your thick skull. Here are some of my favorite shots; enjoy!









Beauty Within Me



Humans are, by nature, superficial beings and try as we might, we form an initial (instinctual) assessment of a person (or a thing) by the way he, she or it looks. What we need to train ourselves in is to ignore the first impressions, peel off the layers and develop a deeper understanding in order to truly judge someone (or something).

Flowers, however, are beautiful inside and out. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture


Nothing depicts the culture of a people better than a wedding. The festivities that surround the occasion are littered with elements from history as well as some reflecting recent trends (something old, something new). Pakistani weddings are no different and the use of the Marigold flower (both yellow and orange) is as essential to the wedding as water is to plants.

These traditions help define our identity, our individuality in this global mix of cultures, and should be nurtured and appreciated. For this week’s photo challenge, I present two arrangements of this beautiful and at times, under-appreciated, flower. Enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

What the heck? I’ll give this photo challenge a shot.

Color me Purple

My camera seems to have a mind of its own. Every time I try photographing purple objects, it turns them into a weird blue shade, which is kind of cool, but it’s nowhere near purple. In situations like these, I resort to Lightroom to readjust the hues, so that my purples stay purple. Since I wanted to highlight these beautiful flowers, I tried de-saturating the rest of the colors; the resultant is shown above!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.0 is a magnificent tool for amateur as well as professional photo editors and if you are serious about photography, it sure is a must-have!