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  1. plesae advise. my mother has been casusing severe issues for me and my husband. She has claimeds war against him. She has lied to th police and ttried to get him arrested when we were on holiday in pakistan. Here in the uk she has called social services and tried to cause us issues. He has forbidden me from seeing her and taking my kids round to see her. She is completely the one in the wrong. she has told me to divorce him, spread malicious slander against him to me, by saying he is gay, he is going to leave me after 2 years when he gets his visA. All which he has proven to be lies. He is a righteous man, who is a great husband and father and has even taken on my first child as his own. I am worried that he will get sin for cutting of ties. But she is a trouble maker and i understand his concerns. He has forgiven her 3 times but this ttime she really went too far. and will i ger sin for obeying him. I did go to see her on eid as I fear allah, but did this without my husband knowingg as he would have gone mad. The last thing she did onbly happened 9 weeks ago so is still very raw for him a nd he was very hurt and upset by everything she did. Her main issue is that I alloewed him to take our kids to pakistan to see his aged paren s who have not seen my baby boy and were desperatte to see him and she did nt want them to go. she went to such extreme levels, ringing the pakistan agency and sayingg he is a terrorist and threatening to report him to tthr asuthoritis saying he has kidnapped them! she also damaged her own propery in pakistan and offered the village people financial incentive to make a false statement to say that he did it!

    Please advise.

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