Emotions on Sale


Demons fighting in my sleep
Monsters rising from the heap

Nightmares keeping me awake
More of this, I cannot take

Wake up and I figure out
How to get rid of self-doubt

I will have a big yard sale
Set up everything to scale

Put my feelings on display
Everything must go today

Buckets of false hope for free
Jealousy in packs of three

Complex webs of greed hand-spun
Take the hatred, I am done

Get my worries, two for one
Bottled sadness, I want none

Stacks of guilt, I’m done with these
Paid all my subscription fees

What is left I will discard
Should not really be that hard

When my yard is all cleared up
Of this life I’ve had enough

I will pack up all my bags
Dress myself in simple rags

To the beach, I will head out
Take the solitary route

Won’t have anything to hide
Joy and I’ll enjoy the ride

Smile and sing along the way
Up until we reach the bay

Sip some sunshine from a glass
Watch the happy faces pass

Wash the remnants, dark and grim
In free waters, I shall swim

– Yousuf Bawany, June 2016


Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant II


I’m a firm believer in second chances; here’s my other entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

Carnivàle: Livin’ It Up!


Parades are vibrant, lively affairs. The costumes, the glitz, the grandeur, the smiles, everything reminds you of life and how it is meant to be lived.

Here’s an homage to celebrating life to the fullest!

Escape Into Infinity

(non-alcoholic) Drinks, anyone?

When they see us holding hands
Walking through the golden sands
All they think is how they can
Break us right apart again

Nothing is what it may seem
I can hear them softly scheme
Planting seeds of hate within
Hoping we would just give in

Yes they burnt us once before
But my darling fear no more
At last, I have seen the light
And won’t let you out of sight

We have filled the deep dark ridge
It’s water under the bridge
Now the past is just the past
Let’s keep going super fast

We won’t listen to no one
Keep doing what’s to be done
We were always meant to be
Are they blind or can’t they see?

Time to wipe off all our tracks
’cause there ain’t no turning back
Have some faith, just trust in me
We’re each other’s destiny

– Yousuf Bawany, September 2015

NOTE: We’re always surrounded by people who ‘seem’ happy for us; what we don’t know is the feelings they harbour within. This poem is not only applicable to lovers, but all relationships in general. There are people who go to infinite lengths to sow seeds of hatred between a father and a daughter, make sure that a brother never trusts his sister ever again, etc.; the list is endless. On this day, let us all vow not to let anyone come between our cherished relationships. If there ever is a problem (or a misunderstanding), please discuss with the other party and get the air cleared; don’t let the wound fester, because that’s exactly what turns relationships sour. Stay blessed!

Insanity has a new home!


Greetings Friends!

Today marks a big day for this blog. I’ve been thinking of getting my own domain but have always been skeptical about it. After a lot of deliberation (which took me almost 3 years), I finally indulged myself and bought www.yousufbawany.com. Hallelujah!

This could not have been accomplished without your support (yes, I’m referring to you, dear followers/fellow bloggers). The love that you have extended to me over the past few years has helped me progress on this journey of self-discovery and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. Your kind words have helped push me to my creative limits and beyond and I truly appreciate that; I’ve realized that making people happy is what makes me happy, and this is just the beginning.

The metamorphosis is complete; I’m ready to fly.





It’s a cold cold world
A lot o’ hate and despair
Darkness out and about
Broken hearts everywhere

Ravens flyin’ high
Sucking all happiness
Turing everything fond
Into mere nothingness

Times sure have changed
Since you’ve been with me
You cleaned off the cobwebs
And set my soul free

I ain’t afraid no more
In this bleak winter tide
Sittin’ warm and content
’cause you’re by my side

Though the cold still lingers
The bright sun’s now out
And heat’s sure to follow
Of that there’s no doubt

Entwined with thy scent
Is the air that I breathe
We’ll both be alright
That I truly believe

To my wife: You are my light, my sunshine, my everything; thank you for lighting up my life with your love.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Spotting a strand of white in a head full of black hair is fairly easy and insignificant, but if you are over thirty, it can be very traumatic. Combine this with the hair-fall situation and the ever-increasing “naked-eye” visibility of your scalp, and viola! Hello, Paranoia.

Depending on (a) how rich (or poor) you are, (b) how bad the present situation really is, or (c) your organic/herbal orientation (straight or otherwise), one of the following will be your next course of action:

  1. Pretend everything is OK and do nothing; after all, you still have a lot more hair compared to cousin Salman (and I really mean A LOT).
  2. Try black henna (kaali mehndi) to cover up those grays, or hair-dye; stay 21 for the rest of your life. Then again, some choose to go all out with the regular henna, turning their hair (and sometimes beard too) a weird shade of orange (a definite no-no!).
  3. Rush to the supermarket and grab a variety of shampoos claiming to give you super-strong hair (photoshopped?) and/or decrease hair-fall (like that ever works!); if everything fails, you can find solace in cursing the likes of Katrina Kaif and Shahid Afridi for misleading you.
  4. Get a wig; there is no better time than the present to reinvent yourself with a new look.
  5. Sign up for the latest herbal fads and a promise to turn back your biological clock; it’s either ‘go organic’ or ‘go bald’.
  6. Enter the highly overdecorated foyer of the hair transplant clinic and ask for the best plugs/grafts money can buy; you’ve always wished the hair on your head was as thick and lustrous as that on other parts of your body (or as Harry Potter would call ’em, ‘parts-that-shall-not-be-named’) – dreams do come true.

It’s no wonder hair-care is a multi-billion dollar industry that fools people into thinking they can have model-gorgeous hair within the confines of their homes, a misconception most of us fall for. Thousands of cosmetics companies and research facilities spend an exorbitant amount of money trying to create the ultimate serum, the magic element that will eventually cure all hair-related ills. Like in any flourishing industry, a bunch of hair-care companies run cons and play on people’s psychological state to rob them off of every penny. Unfortunately, I have met and heard stories of many people going totally bald or platinum because of such products. Even after knowing and hearing about such horrific accidents, we find ourselves lunging towards every new product that tugs at the strings of our heart. “I can feel it in my bones; this one will work. After all, it’s being endorsed by Little Miss Perfect“. Everyone knows deep down inside that (most) celebrities will do anything to earn some extra on the side (surprisingly, there are still a handful of celebrities with their integrity intact).

Ever wondered why we fall for these scams the way we do, time and time again? Some people call it a mid-life crisis (with an average lifespan of 65 years, it seems just about right), others call it going over the hill, but try as you might, you are not getting any younger; the sooner you realize this, the better. We lunge at every (affordable) opportunity to get back our lost years, turn back time, be Benjamin Button; then again, he did die eventually. Some of us spend so much time in these self-obsessions that we neglect our loved ones, often hurting their feelings in the process. Time keeps fleeting by, yet we keep searching for that ultimate high, letting little moments of happiness go right in front of our eyes (I like the way this sentence rhymes).

I am what you might call an opti-realist; I hope for the best, knowing what realities I have to face. We should all keep in mind that we are not here forever; the clock’s a-tickin’ and we should make every moment worthwhile, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Forget about the hair fall and the anti-aging creams, embrace your wrinkles, flaunt your baldness, and be happy with what you have; one look around and you’ll spot thousands who don’t have even a tenth of what you have.

Be thankful. Don’t just exist; LIVE!