Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


Grace, like beauty, is very subjective. Some find grace in flickering flames whereas others see it in a perfectly synchronized dive.

Here’s my graceful sumbmission to this week’s photo challenge. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience


Light and colors – these two make or break the ambience for me.

This photo was taken today at Dubai Mall’s “The Village” and converted into HDR using Photomatic for a surreal effect.

I’m adding a few more for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Names


For those of us who find solace in fiction, Sherlock Holmes is a very familiar name. I was pleasantly surprised to find a restaurant named after him in the heart of London. Absolutely beautiful!

Glorified in Death

Colorful Tomb

I’ve Miles To Go Before I Sleep



While walking to work one day, I spotted this shattered glass pane and took a photo using my phone camera; a perfect wallpaper for my phone’s home screen.



This is undoubtedly one of my all-time favorite cars. In my obsession, I took a picture of this beauty standing outside my office and couldn’t help but treat it to a new paint job (Lightroom and HDR Efex Pro). Hope you like ’em.