Reflections and Refractions

I love the concept of reflections and refractions. The physics behind them? Not so much. Light plays an essential role in a proper photo composition and I believe that one can achieve a lot by exploring new ways to play with it. The images below are part of my experiment with these two amazing phenomena.

The one shown below demonstrates refraction (and magnification) and I achieved this by placing a water-marble on top of a Pakistani five-rupee coin.

Pakistan - written in Urdu and magnified within the marble

The second piece portrays reflection, the main principle behind perception and color distinction. The effect was achieved using decorative glass stones stolen (ehem, borrowed) from my mother’s show-case. See if you can find a reflection of me and my camera somewhere in this photo. Happy finding!


2 thoughts on “Reflections and Refractions

  1. It is also interesting the bubbles on a quiet pool in a shallow stream leave a star-shaped “reverse shadow” on the stream bed underneath instead of a round “shadow” because of the light its reflecting from the curve of the bubble.

    I love the way the star from the coin shows through.

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