Dude Looks Like A Lady!


Of all the things in the world, I would never ever in a million years want to be a male LADY-bug. Think of all the cruel jokes the other insect species would make; it just gets my head spinning. Having said that, I’ve always wanted to see these beautiful creatures up-close and luckily while visiting the Kenilworth Castle last year, I stumbled upon a few of these hiding inside the pavement cracks. Their vibrant polka-dotted exteriors give them a very happy-go-lucky feel, but on closer inspection, I saw something that actually made me sad. This particular bug, shown in the picture above, has a dent in its (gender unknown) left wing; I don’t know what might have caused it, but I really felt for the little guy/gal. It kind of made me reflect how fragile we all are, and that no matter how happy we may seem on the outside, all of us harbor some sadness within.


A short while later, I saw another bug approaching the dented one and both of them receded further into the crevice, crawling at their respective paces, together. It was refreshing to see how the dent on one’s wing did not seem to have an impact on their mutual relationship. We all have our flaws (visible or not), some major, some minor, but in order to truly accept each other, we need to look past them and love each other unconditionally; funny how a couple of bugs can inspire you to understand the nature of things in general.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

This week’s photo challenge really hits the mark. I’m a sucker for everything grand, be it architecture, designs or gestures, and here’s my contribution. This photo was taken at Sheikh Zayed Masjid, Abu Dhabi. Enjoy!

Reflected arches

Upon Reflection

In Perspective: Reflections

In Perspective: Reflections

In Perspective: Reflections


Reflections and Refractions

I love the concept of reflections and refractions. The physics behind them? Not so much. Light plays an essential role in a proper photo composition and I believe that one can achieve a lot by exploring new ways to play with it. The images below are part of my experiment with these two amazing phenomena.

The one shown below demonstrates refraction (and magnification) and I achieved this by placing a water-marble on top of a Pakistani five-rupee coin.

Pakistan - written in Urdu and magnified within the marble

The second piece portrays reflection, the main principle behind perception and color distinction. The effect was achieved using decorative glass stones stolen (ehem, borrowed) from my mother’s show-case. See if you can find a reflection of me and my camera somewhere in this photo. Happy finding!