Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

As much as we want to, even physics-phobes like me cannot deny its elegance. The way Physics tries answering the questions that define the very foundations of this universe renders me speechless. I’m a science geek to the core and love reading up on these fascinating aspects, as long as the author doesn’t go into too much detail (calculus is not my thing either).

I actually get pretty much most of Classical Physics, but Quantum Physics with all its mind-boggling concepts is beyond me. Did you know that according to the Quantum theory, when two objects touch, they aren’t really touching? they just get really really close to each other, with a thin electric field separating the two. Needless to say, a kiss won’t feel the same after reading this.

Don’t look at me like that! I merely state the facts. Here’s a photo that sort of puts my point into perspective, with lots of atom-like structures forming bonds, getting close but never together; talk about putting a dark spin on such a colorful image. Enjoy!

Touch me not

Touch me not

Here’s another image featuring the same atoms inside a maple-leaf-shaped glass bottle.

Fragile: handle with care

Fragile: handle with care


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

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  3. Cool, unique take on this week’s theme. I suppose if you look at kissing from various scientific viewpoints (except maybe psychology and neurobiology), most people would be put off the endeavour entirely. I mean, think of the critters we encounter when we swap spit 😉

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