The Only Star


Falling down through life
With nothing to hold on to
About to crash and burn
Not a thing that I could do

As the darkness took me in
A ray of light came through
Love and hope it spread
And took me right to you

Since then it has been bright
There’s no sign of despair
Sunshine in the meadows
Rainbows everywhere

Gravity pulls me to you
I’m losing self-control
Destined to be together
Unite, be one, be whole

Life revolves around you
Nothing else is up to par
In this galaxy of mine
You are the only star

– Yousuf Bawany, April 2013


My Wife’s Creations

The student finally becomes the teacher. These are some models that are done by my wife. Fortunately, she is almost as good as me, if not better, and has sure learned the art at an amazing rate!

We might even have our first exhibition sooner than expected. Enjoy!