The Story Of Us


And chastised

Breathing air
Filled with lies
Vengeful words
In disguise

Broken hearts
Miles apart

All your smiles
Laced with spite
Covert looks
Pure-bred blight

Ticking clocks
Out of sync
Broken pens
Lacking ink

Jarring sounds
Hunting me
Packs of hounds

When will you
Break these walls
Answer me
Not their calls

Time to stop
Take a look
Is this one
For the books

Read between
Wordless lines
Shed the dark
Let it shine

Fools we are
Chasing ghosts
Leaving what
Matters most


– Yousuf Bawany, February 2017


Man-made Inspiration: Architecture That Demands Respect

Four – the number of countries I have visited in my 30-year existence (including the country I live in; pathetic, isn’t it?), although I’d like for this number to at least go into the double-digit range by 2013. On my journeys, I’ve come across some marvelous architectural feats that just mesmerized me, demanding me to stand there and appreciate every crevice.

Here are some shots I took at my favorite locations. Every single image represents a culture, a race, a civilization, a story. Hope you enjoy them.

The Corridors of Time - Souk-al-Bahar, UAE

Iranian Dome-ination - Ibn Battuta Mall, UAE

Round and Round - Ibn Battuta Mall, UAE

Painted Palace - Emirates Palace, UAE

Timeless Beauty - Emirates Palace, UAE

Praise the Lord - Sh. Zayed Masjid, UAE

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue - The Address, UAE

Broken and used - Empress Market, Pakistan

Eternal Rest - Quaid's Mausoleum, Pakistan