Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve II


Original Image

I tried, belive me, I tried, but I couldn’t resist publishing another response to this week’s Curvy photo challenge. As soon as I thought of this photo, I knew I had to put it out there.

This was taken with a very cheap (but reliable) point-and-shoot camera and is absolutely POSITIVELY of my favourite photos.

I dedicate this post to those who don’t own fancy DSLRs; a camera sure is important to capture good photos but nothing beats the beauty of your vision.


Decreased saturation on yellow-green-orange components

Cold Fusion: Mission Earth

This here is the next installment in the Cold Fusion series. I call this ‘Mission: Earth’. Enough said, I’ll let the photo and the poem speak for themselves:

Mission: Earth
Our skin tones might be miles apart
But it’s only red we bleed
Hand in hand, O! my brethren
We’ll spread the word of peace
Plant trees, recycle, save the earth
Let’s atone for our past misdeeds! 

Cold Fusion: Anyone’s Game

Dear Readers,

This is a new initiative I’ve started working on. With every new artwork/sculpture I make, I shall be adding a stanza of poetry to describe the piece. Let’s hope you can all appreciate my sentiments. This right here is the first in a series of many Cold Fusions to come.

I have recently completed three installations that are competing for a commission with one of the biggest names in the Airline industry. The competition is tough, but hope prevails. Here goes nothing:

Anyone’s Game

Anyone’s Game
Life might be like a game of chess
But I’m done being black and white
Let’s take control, reach for the stars
And live larger than life!

Hope you like it!