Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


Eerie is something that’s enshrouded in mystery, something that’s not easy to wrap your head around. It’s a feeling generally marked by a chill running down your spine or a full-on temporary paralysis, depending on the degree of eeriness of your experience. For me, this feeling came when I was visiting the ruins of the Coventry Cathedral at night; the practically deserted town center just seemed to add to the whole experience.

I just wish I had not been lazy and used a tripod to get a clearer picture.

It’s been a few months since I last participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge and this post right here marks my comeback. Enjoy!


Blast From The Past – Harappa and the Indus Valley Civilization

The ancient city of Harappa (circa 3500BC – 1500BC), located 35 kilometers from Sahiwal (Pakistan) and part of the long lost Indus Valley Civilization, has always held a certain fascination for me; maybe its the sheer ancientness of the site, or the mystery that surrounds its destruction, but there is something that kept calling me. Interestingly though, I hated history back in school, but as I grow older, wiser (seriously?), I find myself being pulled to these haunts.

Still, no one knows for sure why the city was wiped out; most of what is known is based entirely on speculation. If you don’t already know, the Indus Valley is one of the four major ancient civilizations. For all the other obvious details, check out Wikipedia.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to visit the old city a few days back. As I soaked in some ancient history, I couldn’t help but think how we have failed to preserve this part of our culture. The whole site is in ruins, with little or no restoration; seems like no one even cares. I went there with high hopes and came back with a broken heart. See the pictures and decide for yourself.