So Into You


Flowers are something that have always fascinated me; macro photography opens up a way to explore this passion on an entirely new level. From the intricate patterns ingrained within to the vein-like tributaries on the petals, everything is mesmerizing; you finally get to appreciate what your high-school biology (botany) teacher tried so hard to get into your thick skull. Here are some of my favorite shots; enjoy!









Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

What the heck? I’ll give this photo challenge a shot.

Color me Purple

My camera seems to have a mind of its own. Every time I try photographing purple objects, it turns them into a weird blue shade, which is kind of cool, but it’s nowhere near purple. In situations like these, I resort to Lightroom to readjust the hues, so that my purples stay purple. Since I wanted to highlight these beautiful flowers, I tried de-saturating the rest of the colors; the resultant is shown above!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.0 is a magnificent tool for amateur as well as professional photo editors and if you are serious about photography, it sure is a must-have!