Photowalk @ Dubai Design District’s #meetd3 Event


Dubai design district recently hosted their open-to-public meetd3 event a couple of weeks back, and I had the privilege of (ab)using my camera to my heart’s content. With interactive installations by extraordinary artists and plenty of activities for adults and kids alike, it was a must-attend event; I blew my first ever glass globe thingy and it was amazing.

Here’s a glimpse of meetd3 and the Dubai Design District through my lens. Enjoy!


Not Another Fairy Tale

The title says it all; this is NOT your average everyday run-of-the-mill fairy tale, even though it has all the elements of one.

This story takes you to the Magical Kingdom of Kingistan, a flourishing and peaceful kingdom run by a king with embarrassing secrets, and a queen who just wants everything to be better. Will they have their Happily Ever After? Two star-crossed lovers fight to stay together against all odds; is Harry’s magic powerful enough to keep them apart? Spanning over generations, this riveting production is filled with romance and suspense (and a few laughs here and there), and will bring you to the edge of your seats.

This play was performed at the Emirates IT Film and Theatre Festival in May 21, 2009. The multinational cast had had no acting experience whatsoever and what they pulled off with a couple of weeks of rehearsal was downright amazing.

The Poster

This fantasy-comedy is rated G and is suitable for audiences of all ages; I know for a fact that a huge chunk of our fan-following is aged 6-15. With a touch of Bollywood and a dash of Hollywood, this enchanting production will stay in your memories for ages to come. So if you sport a goofy sense of humour and enjoy a good laugh, this right here is the show to watch. Enjoy!

(c) Muhammad Yousuf Bawany, 2009 and for ever!

p.s. I wish the audio/video quality could have been a bit better but I hope the English subtitles will compensate for them.