Islamic Architecture: A Photo Montage

Lahore – The Culture Capital of Pakistan

On my recent business trip to Lahore, I managed to get some time out for sightseeing. Here are some highlights; I hope you enjoy them.

Blast From the Past – Exploring the Lahore Fort

The Lahore Fort (or Shahi Qilla, as we call it in Urdu) is a spectacular piece of Pakistani history. Even though it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it stands in a state of disarray, bits and pieces missing here and there, murals desecrated by graffiti, and walls gathering moss; the worst part is, no one seems to care. Thought to be first built in 800 BC, this fort contains exquisite samples of Mughal as well as traditional Islamic architecture. For more details, please read the Wikipedia entry on Lahore Fort.

Here’s a picture gallery showing some areas of the fascinating structures within the citadel; seeing the state some of these places are in will break your heart.