Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners


I spotted this pair of Przewalski’s Horses on a safari a few years back. This rare and endangered species is native to central Asia and is just gorgeous. Ignoring the vastness of the lush green grass around them, they found comfort in each other’s closeness; partners for life!

In response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.


The View From my Window


My Sad White Friend

On one my recent visits to the Karachi beach, I came across this stunning white horse and his rider standing under the shade of an umbrella-like structure to take a break from the sweltering heat. With eyes downcast, this gorgeous animal had a lingering sadness in his eyes, a longing for freedom. There really wasn’t anything I could do for him, except for feeling sorry.

What would I have done if I were him? I don’t know…….

Culture Vulture – Of Horses And Camels

Karachi is famous for its black-sand beach, and owing to the frequent oil spills, it keeps getting blacker by the day. But that is not what fascinates me about it. Its rather the culture that has developed at the beach, it being the only (affordable/accessible) source of outdoor activity for the otherwise entertainment-starved Karachiites.

The beaches here are abuzz with uniquely interesting sources of entertainment. With the kids flying kites and the families bathing/swimming in the sea, you will be able to spot tens of oont-walas (camel riders) and ghoray-walas (horse riders), willing to sublet their pets to you for a mere 10 to 20 cents per ride for an experience that will last you a lifetime. Here’s a glimpse of my city. Enjoy!

Wings of Hope

I reminisce the good times
When we used to try
Could barely walk straight
But wanted to fly

In capes and funky masks
Jumping with all our might
Dressed as superheroes
Without a care in sight

Not worrying about money
Or having fancy cars
Always aiming for the sky
Always reaching for the stars

We were young and fun
Essentially a free soul
But time took it’s toll
And well, we grew old

Now day in, day out
We just worry about cash
Where to get it from
And where to put the stash

Which car to buy next
What new horse to breed
It’s all about jewels
We’re blinded by greed

What used to matter most
Now just makes no sense
We run through our lives
All edgy and tense

We’ve shed our wings of hope
I honestly don’t know why
We do manage to walk
But have forgotten to fly