Life Without You


Dunes all around me
No water supply
Thorns pricking my throat
Lips all parched and dry

Where do I find you
Been searching like mad
Mirages in sight
False hope makes me sad

Oasis in front
And no sign of you
Water’s a plenty
Nothing I can do

This thirst that I have
Will quench only when
I drink from you eyes
The sweetness within

Please come back to me
I’m going insane
Vultures closing in
Feasting on my pain

Hope makes an escape
Love’s losing its thrill
Que sera, sera
I’m just lying still

Missing you is now
My true destiny
The days scorching hot
Nights won’t let me be

If that’s what life’s like
After your goodbye
I’d rather let this
Desert suck me dry

– Yousuf Bawany, July 2015

Till We Meet Again

Goodbye, more often than not, my friend
Means going through heartache and pain
The finality of a goodbye I can’t digest
Just pushes me under a lot of strain

It crushes all hopes of ever seeing you
And kinda starts driving me insane
Parting ways with someone I cherish
Losing everything, with nothing to gain

I’m not giving up by saying “Goodbye”
My last words sure won’t be in vain
I’ll say “Take care, sweet friend o’ mine
Godspeed, so long, till we meet again”