Perspectives: A Whole New World

Art is all about expression, but more often than not, it is also about exploration and experimentation, where trying out new things can create spectacular masterpieces. The image below shows one such experiment where I tried using my wife’s emboss fabric paints on paper; the results were astounding. It gave me a nice wavy texture that symbolizes the unevenness of the earth while preserving the structural integrity of the continents.

Turns out, rummaging through your wife’s drawers can be rewarding. Enjoy!

A whole new world

Cold Fusion: Mission Earth

This here is the next installment in the Cold Fusion series. I call this ‘Mission: Earth’. Enough said, I’ll let the photo and the poem speak for themselves:

Mission: Earth
Our skin tones might be miles apart
But it’s only red we bleed
Hand in hand, O! my brethren
We’ll spread the word of peace
Plant trees, recycle, save the earth
Let’s atone for our past misdeeds!