Life Without You


Dunes all around me
No water supply
Thorns pricking my throat
Lips all parched and dry

Where do I find you
Been searching like mad
Mirages in sight
False hope makes me sad

Oasis in front
And no sign of you
Water’s a plenty
Nothing I can do

This thirst that I have
Will quench only when
I drink from you eyes
The sweetness within

Please come back to me
I’m going insane
Vultures closing in
Feasting on my pain

Hope makes an escape
Love’s losing its thrill
Que sera, sera
I’m just lying still

Missing you is now
My true destiny
The days scorching hot
Nights won’t let me be

If that’s what life’s like
After your goodbye
I’d rather let this
Desert suck me dry

– Yousuf Bawany, July 2015

On Top Of The World

We are all used to seeing beautiful mountains, lush green with foliage or covered with snow. Rarely do we stop to appreciate the rugged rocky formations on a barren mountain range. Here are a few images from a hiking trip with some friends in the Middle East region that capture the raw beauty of these unchartered rocks, and for the record, I did manage to mount the highest peak. You cannot even begin to imagine how peaceful/lonely it feels when you’re at the top, with nothing but desert sand below as far as your eyes can see.

A few of these photos were taken en route to the mountain range and I think they capture the essence of the whole trip, ergo their inclusion in this blog.


Under the greenwood tree


Mountain range 01


Mountain range 02

On my way down