A Lover’s Lament (revised)

I was lost in a world of my own
You just had to show me the way
Now I can’t think a thought without you
May it be night, or be it day

Why did you have to be like this?
Why’d you have to love me so much?
Life was going just ’bout right
Until you came and messed it up

Your voice just echoes and resonates in
The valleys and nooks of my mind
And no matter how fast I try to run
I can’t leave your thoughts behind

Why did this have to happen to me?
I’ve been blinded by your light
Wherever I look or turn my head
I can’t get you out of my sight

My life’s in-sync with your heart beat
Guess that’s my only crime
I don’t need to look at clocks any more
’cause I’ve lost all sense of time

I used to be a sensible chap
You went ahead and drove me insane
And now I can’t remember anything
Except, well, maybe your name

Is this your way of punishing me
For loving you so deep?
You took my peace away from me
You robbed me of my sleep

My only fault was lovin’ you too much
Is this how you pay me back?
I toss and twist and turn all night
Won’t you just cut me some slack?

Ever since I’ve met you babe
In broad daylight, I sit and dream
With you in it somehow, somewhere
As crazy as it may seem

What have you done to me, O! love
You’re the only one to blame
I realize now, that I’m in it for life
Our love is a two-player game

– Yousuf Bawany

Justify This!

How can we expect the new year to be peaceful when all we really do is welcome it with fire? I can hear people screaming and firing guns with no regard for people who are being disturbed by this; think about the elderly, the sick, the children, and the people who have to wake up early no matter what. Is this a Celebration or an act of Barbarianism? Go figure.