The upside down frown

Oh! Go on now, give us that smile
I know for you it’s been a while
And contrary to what you think
It is still very much in style

Those clouds of sorrow overhead
And all the tears you’ve held & shed
I’m with you now right by your side
Stop acting like the living dead

Let the sun shine upon your soul
Let it heal you and make you whole
Let yellow rays engulf your blues
Just cross the bridge & pay your toll

This road were on, has ups and downs
Some chasing dreams, some after crowns
When all is done, it’s up to you
Respond with grins or ugly frowns

Your life’s laid out ahead of you
This is what you were meant to do
The past belongs in memories
Live in the now, enjoy the view

~ Yousuf Bawany – March 2018 ~


What My Five-month Old Taught Me

We spend all our lives trying to mold our children into ideals, but we somehow miss so many things our children can teach us, even as infants.  Here are twelve things I learned from my five-month old daughter:

1. Persistence is the key to getting what you want, when you want; crying always works

2. Curiosity might have killed the cat but it won’t kill you

3. Change is healthy, even if it’s just a loaded diaper

4. A smile can change any situation from bad to good

5. Don’t be afraid to try out new things even if they aren’t edible

6. Appreciate the little things in life, even if they’re as insignificant as the ceiling fan

7. Don’t care what people might think about you; just let it rip

8. Time shouldn’t limit your abilities to do wonderful things

9. If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying; you’ll eventually learn to sit on your own

10. Hold onto the people you love as if it’s the last time you’re holding them

11. Raise your voice; you won’t get any milk if you aren’t heard

12. Be content with what you have; drinking milk everyday is enough to keep you alive