Point and Shoot

RAW not War


Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Get ready to be (over) exposed to some insanity for this week’s Photo Challenge. Since its all about pushing boundaries, I was instantly blasted into the past to a photo which perfectly captures this week’s essence. I took this haunting photo back in 2010 and I love it to bits. Enjoy!

Forever Entwined

Floral Escapades

What can I say? I’m a sucker for pretty flowers (and all flora in general) and I love photographing them. It’s no coincidence that every one of my digital albums has a few (if not hundreds of) shots of these wonderful creations. Macro floral shots are my weakness and I don’t let any opportunity go to waste. Moreover, I don’t let the fact that I don’t own a DSLR stand in my way either; I’m perfectly happy clicking away with my Sony Cybershot DSC-W130. Some photos do require minor touch-ups and I let Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 take care of these.

Oh how I’d love to get myself a good DSLR, but a new (expensive) camera isn’t on the cards right now; supporting a hobby is more like a second priority at the moment. Till then, I’m happy with my point-and-shoot and on most occasions, am satisfied with how the photos turn out (although I’d like to have more control on the specific parameters – shutter speed, focus, aperture, etc.). Feel free to enjoy my humble efforts.