Islamic Architecture: A Photo Montage



Lying is sweeter, the easy way out

As bitter the truth may be

Where lies will only tie you down

The truth shall set you free

(Image: The flight of freedom, Gujranwala, Pakistan)




Words of rage, when unleashed

Can shake you to the core

Scorpions stinging might hurt less

Words end up hurting more

(Image: Scorpion at Stratford Butterfly Park, UK)


When all you've left is hope

When all you’ve left is hope

Nothing seems to go your way

Your life is one hot mess

Stop for a second & look around

There’s many with lot less

(Image: A local man at a masjid in Thatta, Pakistan)


Multan 01

Lead a life that’s free of sin

Learn to forget and forgive

Death is not the end, my friend

In thoughts you’ll always live

(Image: Shah Rukn-e-Alam’s Tomb, Multan, Pakistan)