The Only Star


Falling down through life
With nothing to hold on to
About to crash and burn
Not a thing that I could do

As the darkness took me in
A ray of light came through
Love and hope it spread
And took me right to you

Since then it has been bright
There’s no sign of despair
Sunshine in the meadows
Rainbows everywhere

Gravity pulls me to you
I’m losing self-control
Destined to be together
Unite, be one, be whole

Life revolves around you
Nothing else is up to par
In this galaxy of mine
You are the only star

– Yousuf Bawany, April 2013

A Literary Treat: The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Pictures


2015 is supposed to be a year of change for me; I had stayed holed up in my comfort zone for far too long and it was high-time I ventured outdoors to follow my passions. Volunteering at the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature 2015 seemed like a perfect opportunity to awaken the literary beast within me from a long hibernation. Plus, it gave me the ideal opportunity to inaugurate my new Nikon D7100. Words would be wasted on the awesome experience that was the EAFOL, so without further ado, here’s a look at the essence of the festival through my lens.

Desi Girl


Besides the occasional doodle, the last time I diligently drew something was a human heart for my high-school biology class (or was that a map of Pakistan for Pakistan Studies?). Honestly, I have never given sketching a second thought, until a few days back, when sitting idle with a pencil and a sketch pad, I had this weird itch to draw something. The first thing that came to mind was a version of a simple Pakistani girl, her hair tightly braided into a traditional pigtail, looking out towards the horizon at endless possibilities, wondering what the future may hold for her.

I know it’s amateurish and lacks any finesse, but I am proud of it nonetheless. Enjoy!

A Spook-tacularly English Halloween


Even though I left the UK a few weeks before Halloween, the festivities were well under way; the great discounts on candies didn’t hurt either. I visited the spook-tacular West Midland Safari Park and was blown away by the phenomenal decorations. Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

This week’s challenge is an homage to all the things that make me happy. Even though some of these moments exist in the past, remembering them never cease to put a smile on my face. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Life isn’t fair or unfair; it is what it is. A few months back, I did these three pieces made entirely out of paper (and some steel) for a chance to win an art competition. Turns out, these entries weren’t good enough for the judges. To be very honest, I was glad I didn’t win, because parting with your creations is perhaps the most difficult thing to do. These are MINE and I hope you like them.

Brighter Future

Anyone’s Game

Mission: Earth

NOTE: This week’s challenge truly captures the essence of possessiveness, so I couldn’t help myself from re-posting these images. The originals with their poetic descriptions can be found at Into The Light, Anyone’s Game, and Mission: Earth.

Perspectives: A Whole New World

Art is all about expression, but more often than not, it is also about exploration and experimentation, where trying out new things can create spectacular masterpieces. The image below shows one such experiment where I tried using my wife’s emboss fabric paints on paper; the results were astounding. It gave me a nice wavy texture that symbolizes the unevenness of the earth while preserving the structural integrity of the continents.

Turns out, rummaging through your wife’s drawers can be rewarding. Enjoy!

A whole new world