Poetic Justice


My mind oft wanders to that time
When you were all I had
I trusted you with everything
With all the good and bad

You held your power over me
You knew me inside out
You knew what filled my heart with joy
What made me scream and shout

Ne’er had I thought that you of all
Would put me through this pain
Love’s all but lost, bridges aflame
What did you have to gain?

With all your might, shoved me aside
I fell down with a thud
Not caring for my starched white shirt
You dragged me through the mud

I’d never felt so hurt whereas
You’d never felt so proud
Pinning me down with words so foul
And actions brash and loud

The stains I sported on my soul
Made me a laughing stock
Oh! what a fool was I to think
By your side I would walk

Time heals all cuts and treats all burns
My wounds are just the same
But what you’ve done will scar your dreams
Drive you downright insane

Karma’s a dog that bites back hard
Forgives not, nor forgets
I may be the one hurting now
But by God, you’ll be next!

– Yousuf Bawany, November 2015


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