Escape Into Infinity

(non-alcoholic) Drinks, anyone?

When they see us holding hands
Walking through the golden sands
All they think is how they can
Break us right apart again

Nothing is what it may seem
I can hear them softly scheme
Planting seeds of hate within
Hoping we would just give in

Yes they burnt us once before
But my darling fear no more
At last, I have seen the light
And won’t let you out of sight

We have filled the deep dark ridge
It’s water under the bridge
Now the past is just the past
Let’s keep going super fast

We won’t listen to no one
Keep doing what’s to be done
We were always meant to be
Are they blind or can’t they see?

Time to wipe off all our tracks
’cause there ain’t no turning back
Have some faith, just trust in me
We’re each other’s destiny

– Yousuf Bawany, September 2015

NOTE: We’re always surrounded by people who ‘seem’ happy for us; what we don’t know is the feelings they harbour within. This poem is not only applicable to lovers, but all relationships in general. There are people who go to infinite lengths to sow seeds of hatred between a father and a daughter, make sure that a brother never trusts his sister ever again, etc.; the list is endless. On this day, let us all vow not to let anyone come between our cherished relationships. If there ever is a problem (or a misunderstanding), please discuss with the other party and get the air cleared; don’t let the wound fester, because that’s exactly what turns relationships sour. Stay blessed!


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