Feeding Monsters!

Getting your kids to eat is an uphill battle parents have to fight on a daily basis, and more often then not, we grown-ups end up on the losing side. I constantly have to come up with new and interesting ways of serving food to my kids (3.5 yrs and 1.75 yrs).

Just a few days back, my wife and I were having some mac-and-cheese for dinner. As usual, the kids were in no mood to eat and well, I just had this insane idea to feed them some plain macaroni using a very unique approach (see photo below). Both my kids ate their fill and thoroughly enjoyed their meal, all the while trying to scare each other with their fake monster nails.


I hope this helps some poor couple in distress and keeps their children enjoying this fun way of eating for at least a couple of weeks; then boredom will kick in and the cycle shall start all over again.

Que sera, sera. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Feeding Monsters!

  1. Gosh I remember those days of cajoling infants and young children to eat. Now they are almost all adults, I wondered why my partner and I spent all that time shoving food down their throats.( N.B. Just a heads up: Do not try to force kids to eat Zucchini!!) Your blog looks intersting and I am now a follower!!

    • Thanks, Amanda. Actually, I won’t be feeding my kids zucchini anytime soon since I myself don’t eat it, but broccoli and lettuce are still on the table. Maybe I’ll try force-feeding those to my kids sometime in the near future.

      Appreciate your stopping by at my blog.


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