Think of me


At times, you can’t help but jog down memory lane, remembering those you have left behind in this race called life. Even though it’s a love poem, the theme revolves around drifting apart, only to find our way back into each other’s lives. This right here is my tribute to all those long-lost friends and acquaintances, my way of telling them that they have not been forgotten, and the hope that someday, somewhere, we shall meet again.

Think of me

On our first cheesy date
Over cake that we ate
Bound together by fate
Heading back to that place
Do you think of me?

Hand in hand on the beach
Out of the world’s reach
Love’s what we did preach
Hearing the sea’s speech
Do you think of me?

I gave you a head-start
Wondering who’d finish last
Our hearts beating fast
When you look in the past
Do you think of me?

Hiding tears in your eyes
‘midst laughter and cries
As we said our goodbyes
When a piece of you dies
Do you think of me?

Giving up all my hope
would I be able to cope
Memories in cine-scope
I held onto life’s rope
Do you think of me?

In the middle of the night
I put up a good fight
With every ounce of my might
Guided by our love’s light
Do you think of me?

Happiness at each turn
Two hearts beating as one
A new chapter’s begun
After all’s said and done
I know you think of me


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