Wants v/s Needs


My life is spent in want of more
Surrounded by all the necessities
Running blindly and crying over
Closed doors, missed opportunities

My son’s embrace I try and escape
Shy away from my daughter’s kiss
I let my blue funk drag me down
The dark, cold, and blind abyss

The hurt, the loss, I fail to see
In my love’s dark brown eyes
Neglecting feelings save my own
I say my emotional goodbyes

I take for granted all who love me
Consumed by flames of greed
Not for a moment thinking about
Is what I want, what I really need?

Never have I spent a day famished
Never slept on a bed of stones
I’ve so much I need to be thankful for
There’s no place for moans and groans

It’s time for me to open my eyes
See the world in a different light
Pull the curtains off the windows
Let the sun shine warm and bright

I promise myself I won’t let regret
Take the place of my beloved dreams
I have little hearts to take care of now
Their love fills my soul to it’s seams

So what if I don’t get what I desire
It’s really not the end of the world
I still have plenty that others want
My whole life has yet to unfold

Yousuf Bawany, October 2013


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