Cold Fusion: The Only Star


Moments have the power to redefine you, make you complete, change you for good. My one defining moment was when I first laid eyes on this girl, who is now my wife; I instinctively knew I’d never be the same person I was before I met her. My world revolves around her; she’s my rock, my soul-mate, my friend, my enemy, my everything, and I cannot imagine a life without her.

We celebrate our anniversary in October each year and every year, I do something special for her. The last year, however, was a different story as we were mainly focused on our new born son’s recovery. Nevertheless, I had something special planned since then and I just finished the whole thing. It comprises of a poem framed for her and a hand-crafted 3D paper model that ties in with the main theme of the poem. It may not be the most expensive gift but it certainly is original and straight from the heart. I can’t wait to see her reaction when I show it to her in the evening. Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure.


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