Culture Vulture: The Simple Life


Punjab (meaning ‘the land of five rivers’) is Pakistan’s largest and most fertile province. As you drive along the highways, you cannot help but appreciate the lush green plantation on either side of the road, the air thick with the smell of the seasonal harvest. As I rode the motorway to get to Gujranwala last week, I feasted my eyes on the golden brown fields of wheat fading away into the horizon. It would all soon be hulled, packed into sacks, and sent all across the world. The fields would then be seeded with rice to be harvested later on. According to my friend/guide, the harvest would be taking place within a few weeks; till then, the farmers would pray that it doesn’t rain, so that the dry crop is not ruined before reaping. 

It’s been ages since I last ventured out on a photo adventure and this was one opportunity I couldn’t miss. As I noticed a small turn off the motorway leading to a small village, the Culture Vulture in me took over and I asked my friend if we could go there to take a few pictures. He graciously agreed and we ventured out to Qila Islam (meaning ‘the fort of Islam’).

As my friend turned his car onto the rocky road leading to the village, I noticed that people were staring at us. We decided to stay off the main village and instead headed out to the fields. On our way, my friend sweet-talked one of the villagers into showing us his land. After I had taken my fair share of photographs (and then some), we resumed our journey to Gujranwala.

Here are a few memories of the trip that I’d like to share with all of you.

These pictures portray a life we all want but cannot adjust to; we are too unwilling to let go of the hustle and bustle of the city. 


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