Ghosts: Caught On Camera

I happened to visit a shrine a few months back and I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful tile-work and Arabic calligraphy. I sat close to the grave, waiting for the right moment, hoping to get that perfect shot, and I did, or at least that’s what I thought. Looking into the preview of my camera, I was stunned to see a ghost-like presence on the photo. Having never encountered anything remotely paranormal, I was naturally out of my wits. I had NEVER seen anything so vividly eerie, so spine-tingling in my entire existence.

Ghost caught on camera

OK! So I’m a bad liar.

Since there was no light around me and my camera was in auto mode, the shutter remained opened for a second more than I would have liked it to. It’s nothing more than a woman passing by without any regard for my artistic pursuits. Couldn’t she have spotted me and stopped for just one second?

So there you have it. A nifty little trick for you to freak out your posse. Enjoy!


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