Ramadan In Tweets

I never was much of a Tweeter but something changed exactly a month back. A Twitter-friend suggested I should Tweet more often so I got my Tweet-on this Ramadan. 140-character limit doesn’t quite cut it for me as I am someone who likes large sentences and elaborate descriptions, so I took this up as a challenge. Sometimes, fewer words make a bigger impact and to demonstrate my Tweet-ability, I present to you my tweets for the last month.

  • 21 Jul – #RamadanRoadRage is in full swing; let’s see how many street fighters I can spot on my way back home.
  • 21 Jul – #BestThingsAboutRamadan – my Non-muslim friends observing fasts just to experience what Muslims go through.
  • 3 Aug – #RamadanFacts: Kissing your daughter doesn’t break your fast, no matter how sweet her cheeks may taste! #Love
  • 3 Aug – #LetYourDaughter ask as many questions as she wants and answer her every time she asks them; it won’t be long before she discovers Google!
  • 5 Aug – #NoteToSelf: Never share hilarious husband-wife #jokes with your#wife esp. if it’s the wife who ends up being the #butt! :p
  • 5 Aug – Who says little #girls aren’t naughty? Damn you, #GenderEquality /#WomensLiberation! 😀
  • 7 Aug – #DonatingBlood for all the wrong reasons; “Are we done, ’cause I could really use a juice box right about now.”
  • 7 Aug – #Twitter = Tutta! My 17-month old #daughter‘s foray into this high-tech world.
  • 8 Aug – #14August is just around the corner; time to renew our patriotic vows and forget them for the rest of the year. #PakistanZindabad
  • 8 Aug – #Ramadan is not just about giving up food and drink for a prescribed amount of time; it’s about moderation, preservation and self-control.
  • 9 Aug – #BeingMarried means having to ALWAYS pickup groceries on the way from the office; no excuses. Just make a weekly list or something, woman!
  • 9 Aug – #PakistanHas the best cuisine in the world. You should give it a try sometime! Get your juices flowing at http://bit.ly/wZMFy3 
  • 10 Aug – My 17-month old daughter’s brushing my hair; how adorable is that?! 🙂 #parenting #love
  • 11 Aug – Why’s it so easy to take photos but difficult to delete them? Guess I just get emotionally attached to them, not to forget the memories.
  • 11 Aug – Sab se pehlay #Pakistan; unless keh aap ki US, Canadian ya Australian immigration ho jaye. 😉
  • 12 Aug – The #camera is an extension of a #photographer‘s being; you just can’t feel complete without it.
  • 13 Aug – Waiting for the final casualty count in Karachi aerial firing; Happy Independence Day folks! #PakistanZindabad
  • 14 Aug – #Karachi: a city with amazing photo opportunities; if only I were brave enough to take my Nikon D7000 without the fear of getting mugged!
  • 15 Aug – Wife’s phone ringing in the bedroom; 1.5 yr old daughter brings it to her in the kitchen and says, ‘Mama – Hello – Papa’. #love #kids
  • 16 Aug – Out of sight, out of mind; unless someone regularly pokes you on#Facebook!
  • 16 Aug – #RamadanFacts: You know Eid is upon us when you spot dads waiting outside stores with their bratty kids while moms shop away their savings.
  • #RamadanFacts: Pakistanis still hope to have 29 rozas even after Saudi has declared they’ll have 30. Insha Allah!

If you find some of these remotely interesting/goofy, start following me @YousufBawany.


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