For the Love of Squirrels

Too bad we don’t see many Squirrels in Karachi, mainly because the city’s too polluted and doesn’t have an ecosystem supporting squirrels. So whenever I spot a squirrel on my travels, I can’t help but go ga-ga over them. Luckily on my last trip, I happened to encounter one as it was coming down a tree. So before it could run away, I grabbed my camera and clicked! Unfortunately, the tree entirely camouflaged the squirrel so after a little photo-editing, I got something that I actually liked. Without further ado, here is my little buddy.


7 thoughts on “For the Love of Squirrels

  1. Something rare someplace flourishes elsewhere….No mountains or snow in Floriday, but we have squirrels everywhere…I really love the color contrast in this photo…

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