Blast From The Past – Dubai’s Heritage Village

It’s not all architectural marvels and overflowing malls; there’s a lot more to Dubai than what meets the eye. Not too long ago, Dubai was a fisherman’s paradise, a village built near the Arabian sea. Remnants of the yesteryears are still scattered across the entire city, but one of the most interesting sites I have had the pleasure of visiting has to be the Heritage Village.

Like in other Arab cultures, the constructions in these villages were primarily focused on keeping the temperatures down. With no air conditioning back in the day, wind towers were essential for any building. The building materials include palm/date leaves, clay, bricks, hemp string, and wood.

Located at a mere 15-minute (unless you are stuck in traffic) drive from the airport, this village will take your breath away. The earthiness and the humility of the buildings and objects on display will instill in you, a sense of peace and serenity, and will transport you to simpler, happier times.


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