Ode To My One-year Old Daughter

Soaring to the skies on the ferris wheel
Galloping in the meadows on the carousel
The glint in thine eyes, thy laugh & thy squeal
Caressed by the wind, enjoying the feel
Pure passion flowing free, unadulterated zeal

Eyes full of mischief, your touch oh-so kind
A fondness so chaste, is so hard to find
At work or at play, with you on my mind
Each breath and each beat, to thee I consigned
Is it true what they say, have I gone blind?

A hand around my finger, and holdin’ on tight
As you fall asleep, flowing into the night
Dreams filled with angels, and creatures of light
I sit by your side, and try as I might
Can’t help but stare at thee, till the sky’s alight

Just careless and free, a soul full of fun
O! thee, my beloved, as bright as the sun
You weigh a mere kilos, but our love’s a tonne
I know one day I, won’t be the only one
If you ever need a hug, you know where to run

Times a-flyin’ by, you’re growing too fast
It’s been a whole year to your life’s start
Rattles and teethers are things of the past
In thine hands you hold, the key to my heart
You’re awesome, amazing, a true work of art

– Yousuf Bawany, March 06, 2012

A father can only love his daughter with all his heart, nothing more, nothing less. When I saw her for the first time, I cried tears of joy, tainted with sadness, that some day, she’s going to leave me for another man. Papa loves you Tanisha-Fatima; forever and for always.

Conceptualized while Tansiha-Fatima took her first ferris-wheel and carousel rides at Fun City Amusement Park (Hill Park, Karachi, Pakistan); welcome to the big leagues, baby.


8 thoughts on “Ode To My One-year Old Daughter

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  2. That’s lovely!
    Tanisha will absolutely love it when she will be able to read and comprehend the feelings behind this beautiful piece written by her dad.

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