Nursing a Broken Heart

I’m nursing a broken heart
Feels like I’m falling apart
Why did life have to take this turn
We were off to a wonderful start

I know what I did was wrong
And it broke up a bond so strong
I’m sorry, so sorry, I mean it
In my arms, is where you belong

Never have I been unfaithful
O! God, I’ve always been grateful
For the heartache and pain, my love
I’ll forever and ever be thankful

Love’s lost, no need for goodbyes
Just open wounds and sighs
Not a glimmer of love or hope
When I look into your eyes

As you step out of my door
It’s you my heart screams for
My existence, a million pieces
Shattered all across the floor

This world just won’t let me be
As I pick up the pieces of me
In every corner of my mind
What could’ve been, is what I see

– Yousuf Bawany

Note: I’m a happily married guy and this poem doesn’t reflect on my personal life whatsoever. There was this idea that I just had to put on paper and (fortunately) I am in a melancholy mood today, ergo the poem.


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