Heavenly Love

God made you just for me
Sent you from the heavens above
For me to hold you by your hand
For me to cherish and to love

It don’t matter where I see
Nor does it matter what I do
Every little thing around me
Keeps reminding me of you

Your voice is sheer magic
It just drives me insane
Sends tingles all over my body
A wave of bitter-sweet pain

My being, my existence
Was devoid of a soul
You pulled me back to life
Completed me, made me whole

You know just what to do
To set my heart on fire
You always say the right words
Cheer me up, lift me higher

Don’t wanna leave your side
Even if it’s for an instant
An inch apart feels like miles
A second, a million moments

If you don’t really exist
And it’s all but a dream
I never want to wake up
From this slumber so serene

– Yousuf Bawany (January, 2009)

NOTE: The 3D heart shown in this picture was made by me as a present for my lovely wife.


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