Man-made Inspiration: Architecture That Demands Respect

Four – the number of countries I have visited in my 30-year existence (including the country I live in; pathetic, isn’t it?), although I’d like for this number to at least go into the double-digit range by 2013. On my journeys, I’ve come across some marvelous architectural feats that just mesmerized me, demanding me to stand there and appreciate every crevice.

Here are some shots I took at my favorite locations. Every single image represents a culture, a race, a civilization, a story. Hope you enjoy them.

The Corridors of Time - Souk-al-Bahar, UAE

Iranian Dome-ination - Ibn Battuta Mall, UAE

Round and Round - Ibn Battuta Mall, UAE

Painted Palace - Emirates Palace, UAE

Timeless Beauty - Emirates Palace, UAE

Praise the Lord - Sh. Zayed Masjid, UAE

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue - The Address, UAE

Broken and used - Empress Market, Pakistan

Eternal Rest - Quaid's Mausoleum, Pakistan


6 thoughts on “Man-made Inspiration: Architecture That Demands Respect

  1. Nice. Very very nice pictures. You know if the world comes near to an end and there is no photoshop available you could use 20 mb software GIMP open source. And everything (almost) that photoshop provides. Filters etc.

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