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The Choice Is Yours


Is it not easy to
Point your finger at me
When you don’t even know
The things that made me be?

Is it not easy to
Spin tall tales and white lies
Shatter the good image
I’ve built in people’s eyes?

Is it not easy to
Place the blame in my rack
I’d rather you kill me
Than stab me in the back?

Is it so hard to be
Kind, honest and caring
Rid our hearts of hatred
Love friends and foes akin?

– Yousuf Bawany, August 2015

Through The Looking Glass

You’re better off with
A glass half full
Than an empty one
Ask someone
Who owns nothing
The value of something
And you’ll know

– Yousuf Bawany, July 2015

Life Without You


Dunes all around me
No water supply
Thorns pricking my throat
Lips all parched and dry

Where do I find you
Been searching like mad
Mirages in sight
False hope makes me sad

Oasis in front
And no sign of you
Water’s a plenty
Nothing I can do

This thirst that I have
Will quench only when
I drink from you eyes
The sweetness within

Please come back to me
I’m going insane
Vultures closing in
Feasting on my pain

Hope makes an escape
Love’s losing its thrill
Que sera, sera
I’m just lying still

Missing you is now
My true destiny
The days scorching hot
Nights won’t let me be

If that’s what life’s like
After your goodbye
I’d rather let this
Desert suck me dry

– Yousuf Bawany, July 2015

Sense(s) Of Betrayal


You can look but do you see,
The hurt I harbor within in me?

You can hear but do you listen,
Everything that we are missin’?

You can taste but do you relish,
All the things we used to cherish?

You can smell but do you inhale,
The thorny roses now gone pale?

You can touch but do you feel,
What is a dream and what is real?

You can sense but do you perceive,
Who to trust, who’s lies to believe?

– Yousuf Bawany, July 2015


When I see
People around me
Trying to be
Like some celebrity
I look at ye
& say, ‘You see
I was born free
One pod, one pea
I’d rather be me’

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