Poetic Justice


My mind oft wanders to that time
When you were all I had
I trusted you with everything
With all the good and bad

You held your power over me
You knew me inside out
You knew what filled my heart with joy
What made me scream and shout

Ne’er had I thought that you of all
Would put me through this pain
Love’s all but lost, bridges aflame
What did you have to gain?

With all your might, shoved me aside
I fell down with a thud
Not caring for my starched white shirt
You dragged me through the mud

I’d never felt so hurt whereas
You’d never felt so proud
Pinning me down with words so foul
And actions brash and loud

The stains I sported on my soul
Made me a laughing stock
Oh! what a fool was I to think
By your side I would walk

Time heals all cuts and treats all burns
My wounds are just the same
But what you’ve done will scar your dreams
Drive you downright insane

Karma’s a dog that bites back hard
Forgives not, nor forgets
I may be the one hurting now
But by God, you’ll be next!

– Yousuf Bawany, November 2015

Escape Into Infinity

(non-alcoholic) Drinks, anyone?

When they see us holding hands
Walking through the golden sands
All they think is how they can
Break us right apart again

Nothing is what it may seem
I can hear them softly scheme
Planting seeds of hate within
Hoping we would just give in

Yes they burnt us once before
But my darling fear no more
I have finally seen the light
And won’t let you out of sight

We have filled the deep dark ridge
It’s water under the bridge
Now the past is just the past
Let’s keep going super fast

We won’t listen to no one
Keep doing what’s to be done
We were always meant to be
Are they blind or can’t they see?

Time to wipe off all our tracks
’cause there ain’t no turning back
Have some faith, just trust in me
We’re each other’s destiny

– Yousuf Bawany, September 2015

NOTE: We’re always surrounded by people who ‘seem’ happy for us; what we don’t know is the feelings they harbour within. This poem is not only applicable to lovers, but all relationships in general. There are people who go to infinite lengths to sow seeds of hatred between a father and a daughter, make sure that a brother never trusts his sister ever again, etc.; the list is endless. On this day, let us all vow not to let anyone come between our cherished relationships. If there ever is a problem (or a misunderstanding), please discuss with the other party and get the air cleared; don’t let the wound fester, because that’s exactly what turns relationships sour. Stay blessed!

Living A Nightmare – Free Verse


Living A Nightmare
I cry myself to sleep
Only to wake up
A few hours later
The sky’s still dark
I turn to your side
Extend my hand
To feel your warmth
But all I feel is
The cold mattress
Hasn’t been slept in
It all comes back
The dam breaks
Feelings gush
Suffocating me
The undercurrents
Drown me deeper
Into the abyss
I try to escape
Come up for air
But unable to
Lungs filled with
Memories past
It really hurts
Knowing that
The hands who
Should’ve saved me
Are the same ones
Choking me now
There’s plenty left
Of the cruel night
No end in sight
My nightmares
Embrace me fondly
And yet again
I cry myself to sleep

– Yousuf Bawany, August 2015

Living A Nightmare


I cry myself to sleep at night
Wake up at two, no sign of light
There’s still so many hours to go
There’s still many demons to fight

I try real hard but nothing takes
Memories break open the gates
Gushing in with an unseen force
Bringing my nightmares in their wake

I gasp for hope to no avail
Lungs faith deprived, all senses fail
Try to hold on to something real
Helpless, blinded, darkness prevails

I sense a glimmer up above
With all my might I push and shove
Knew in my heart you’d come save me
And fill my life with endless love

I rub my eyes, the vision’s clear
You’ve gone too far, no hope is near
These demons are now destiny
With that I shed a single tear

I stare into infinity
To see what life would really be
These scars that I have on my soul
Are your one parting gift to me

I only have dark thoughts to keep
Death’s quite a ways, waters too deep
With nightmares on ‘Play. End. Repeat.’
I cry myself right back to sleep

Yousuf Bawany – August 2015